Sales of ayurvedic cosmetics

All the products I work with can be purchased in the salon and counseling is available.
- thanks to these products you can explore something more than just natural cosmetics
- all products are handmade according to the ancient Ayurvedic recipes
- they are highly stimulating and effective at all levels of the gross and subtle body
- by regular application of the products the microsubstance of Ayurveda can get to places where common cosmetics can not
- products help us to health, beauty, harmony, self-confidence and success
- therefore, the application of Ayurvedic products with other brands of common cosmetics is absolutely inappropriate (e.g. Ayurvedic cream with other brands of cleaning products, etc.), this could break the essence of Ayurveda and the energy base
- if you want to get quick and positive results, use always the whole line of Ayurvedic products, or at least the basic type of an Ayurvedic line