A choice of two beauty treatments with massage:

  • Approximately 1 hour 45 min. - Basic treatment - according to the skin type .... 990,- CZK

  • Approximately 1 hour 45 min. - Top treatment (cure) ................... 1290,- CZK

Cosmetic treatment includes:  skin surface cleansing – cleansing of pores, ayurvedic peeling or cleansing mask, emulsion, mask for skin harmonization, relaxing part – massage of trapezius, shoulders and neckline, energetic part - head massage, lifting and lymphatic part- hemispherical, spot massage, relaxation - a mask according to the skin type and needs of the completion, final part – use of tonic water and cream according to the skin type

        In bullets 

  •    Approximately 1 hour 45 min. skin treatment with constant application of products that are gradually rubbed into the skin.
    Products are chosen according to your skin type and they are suitable for all types of skin.
    Massage of face, neckline and hair, which soothes, relaxes and harmonizes.
    Oil massage of head and hair is the part of the procedure.
    Treatment is for both men and women.

      Cosmetic treatments


        Ayurvedic cosmetics             

        all basic treatments per                            á  990,- CZK    


        - regenerating
        - vitalizing
        - soothing
        - for problems with acne
        - anti pigmentation
        - lifting
        - moisturizing


      Ayurvedic beauty treatments

      All treatments with precious metals           á  1 290,- CZK


       - silver
       - gold
       - diamond

       platinum cure
       pearl cure
       fruit cure
      Ayurvedic Aromatherapy
     - chocolate cure
     - papaya cure
      treatment with lifting effect
      moisturizing treatment




Skin care with Ayurveda

In ayurvedic herbal creams ingredients are mixed in a way to stimulate the skin to activate its natural abilities. The skin itself has a great ability to regenerate. Ayurvedic skin care activates this ability and helps to maintain healthy, youthful and juicy look of the skin. A healthy body breathes through skin as well as through lungs. Therefore the care of skin is highly important and it helps us to maintain the health of the whole body. The skin care should be combined with a healthy life style. Ayurveda has developed procedures for skin treatment according to its type. Each product is applied in layers and this leads to the maximum effect.

Why precious metals in cosmetics

The beauty and the care of beauty transcends the time. Historical records tell of us of cosmetic ingredients used in ancient times. Gems and gemstones were helpful for beauty. On the basis of Ayurveda precious stones are used in facial creams, moisturizing lotions and masks. This valuable formula helps skin to retain moisture, eliminate toxins, cleanse and firm the complexion. In other words, these products are the elixirs of youth. Like herbs even gemstones are the gifts of nature that help us to restore balance and establish harmony of the body, mind and soul. Gems are actually crystallized form features that also exist in a human body. Every precious stone radiates some specific radiation, energy and colour vibration and has a refractive index. A human body is made up of seven colours. These colours are also kept in jewels. In fact, every cell of a body is made up of seven cosmic rays, which should be in harmony. Practical use has shown that every tissue of a body reacts differently to different gemstones.
In Ayurveda, the healing products are made of oxidized gems called "bhasmas" or tinctures. The process of making "bhasma" is supposed to clean the gems. "Bhasmas" are considered the most effective way of using precious stones, because in this way they enter deeply into the cell and thus, the effects are the strongest. The research has revealed that various features of gems affect by their energy the processes of revitalization and rejuvenation of the skin.


The use of gold for medicinal purposes of beautification is known from ancient times. In Egypt the queen Cleopatra used gold as a tool to maintain youthful skin and she is said to have slept in a gold mask every night. In ancient Rome, gold ointments were used to treat skin problems. In ancient China, gold was the key to youth and the queen of the Ching Dynasty used a gold roller for a rejuvenating facial massage. Even modern research has shown that gold has antibacterial effects, supports transport of oxygen molecules directly into the skin, affects cell functions, helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. Gold also supports the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, which helps to remove toxins and purify the skin. All these processes improve the normal function of the skin, especially the recovery of young cells. The brand Aryanveda uses the latest technology in the production of creams - called: nanotechnology. The particles are reduced to one thousandth the size of normal cells and thus are better absorbed into the skin and increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients.
This unique blend of essential oils, herbal extracts and gold particles preserves the highest beauty.


Diamonds are the most precious stones. They are said to give you "prana" so called a life force and make your life longer. In a skin care, diamond is used for its strong anti-aging effects. It cleanses the skin, strengthens the structure and helps to delay the signs of ageing. It restores and soothes damaged skin cells and gives them energy. It prevents pigmentation.
It revitalizes the skin in all its layers. In the brand Aryanveda, diamond is of course processed in a nanotechnological way.


Antibacterial attributes of silver are proven by science not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine. Silver ions bind an enzyme that is to be found in the cells of bacteria, thus preventing their reproduction. Silver regulates moisture and body temperature, supports the immune system and acts against viruses. This treatment is an ideal detoxification treatment and thanks to its effects, it is suitable for problematic and acne skin. It is also excellent for men's treatment.                                   

                                                                                                                                        ( Source www.aryanveda.cz )


Price list of extra services:


  • eyelashes dyeing …................................................. 100 ,- CZK

  • eyebrows dyeing ….................................................. 100,- CZK

  • eyebrow maintenance .............................................. 80,- CZK