Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word consisting of the words "Ayu" - age and life expectancy, "r" - concerning something and "veda" - knowledge and skills. So if we translate these three words and connect them together, it means "science of life". Ayurveda originated in India about 5000 years ago and it is considered to be the oldest and most complete medical system in the world. The vast majority of medical systems and procedures currently used in the Western world has evolved just from Ayurveda.

Currently, Ayurveda gets back into focus, which both reflects the return of a man to nature and natural resources and the fact that even modern science appreciates the remarkable effects of old recipes. Ayurvedic body treatments become more and more popular these mean not only massages, but also specially formed skin treatments along with ayurvedic cosmetics that can rebalance the skin.



Ayurvedic cosmetics are handmade in organic area of the central Himalayas according to ancient medicinal recipes.

 Cosmetics have been developed and perfected by experimenting with healing herbs, oils and extracts for many centuries.

With proper use of appropriately selected products, the body goes back to its natural balance.

The body then tries to continue and maintain this balance, as this is the ideal condition for the body operation.

Products of Ayurveda are not only for face but also hair and body.

The basic philosophy of Ayurvedic products is:

The body activates to help itself.

Healing and correction come from the body itself.

The results are very satisfactory and have a long term effect.